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Current Exhibitions

Gil Jamieson Exhibition
16th January - 8th March 2024

Gil Jamieson Exhibition Opening
Saturday 3rd February - 12:00pm

After the Sale

Over 30 locals gathered to celebrate the official opening of the Gil Jamieson exhibition at the Gayndah Art Gallery.

Matthew Jamieson spoke about his father’s life and artistic career, providing insight and a few laughs. Guests meandered throughout the Gallery admiring Gil’s works and showing appreciation of the late artist’s local talent.

The grazing table lunch and drinks flowed on throughout the early afternoon, and raffle winners were drawn. Congratulations to the event raffle winners, as well as the FROGG (Friends of Gayndah Gallery) member draw winners.

We are delighted to have some of the late George Kirk’s artworks temporarily on show in the stairwell and foyer, thanks to his family. George’s work compliments the art by Gil Jamieson and adds a burst of colour and humour on the way up to the Gallery.


On a hot day in Monto a couple of weeks back we mustered up a herd of Gil Jamieson’s stock. The head stockman, Doug Thompson, who was acquainted with one of Gil Jamieson old mates Charles Blackman in Victoria, drove that mob down the old Burnett stock route, through Abercorn, Eidsvold and Munduberra to Gayndah. That wild herd is now camped up in the Gayndah Art Gallery for the Show in Gayndah which is overseen by Jane Glenn. Seini Haukau acted as Broker for the job. So thank you here for Doug, Jane and Seini.

The Gil stock is on loan from the Monto Museum of Art (MMOA) for the exhibition which will hang from 16 January to 9 March, with a lunchtime opening on Saturday 3 February. 

Amongst what’s on the wall is a portrait of EB Joyce, painted in the mid 70’s around the time of one of the Joyce & Joyce Eidsvold Bull Sales. EB Joyce was a major patron of the arts in the region, buying and promoting the work of Gil Jamieson and also the Abercorn born and significant artist, Patrick Hockey.  From this milieu both Matthew and Jonathan McCord later emerged as significant artists.

Barney had invited paintings to be penned at his Eidsvold bull sale. Gil hung an offering in a yard, as did the renown Brisbane based Art dealer Philip Bacon. I recall it being hot, glarey and pretty unforgiving day for the art stock, with the buyers’ interest largely concentrated on the Santa Gertrudis. I can’t recall exactly if anything sold from the art pens, though I remember David McCord spending time in the yards.

There was a couple of Pro Hart's works amongst the mob, which was much to Gil’s consternation. Jamieson was then widely disparaging of the famous commercial artist, who is now often offered in comparison by folk walking into the MMOA. For a youth feeling mildly bored, with a disinterest in Bull sales on the day, the event still left a vivid recollection.

When Gil was alive, he was defined as the town of Monto's 'Artist', born from the first generation of farmers established by Closer Settlement. His work was well shared locally, reflecting his lived experience and the story of his hometown and his wide-ranging painting trips across northern Australia. Gil put on one day shows in his studio at Three Moon which were attended by art loving folk from Monto, with many coming up from Gayndah, Munduberra and Eidsvold, who drank up the champagne and bought up on the gouaches from his most recent painting trip. 

From the mid 1970’s into the 80’s these local sales, together with the contribution from Lal Lanyon’s ‘Gallery Up Top’ in Rockhampton were a major contribution to the artist’s painting revenues. The Man from Monto, continued to exhibit annually in Melbourne with ‘Realities’ and the William Mora Gallery. Although respected in the art world it was not until the William Mora Galleries show in 1989, painted in Melbourne, that he had what he saw as a successful selling show. So it is significant that Jamieson’s occupation as an artist was supported by the local community.


Jamieson’s herd will return in time for the Monto Show, which sets the start of the ‘Celebration of the Century’, marking the 100 years of Closer Settlement in Monto. 

The expansive plan at the MMOA is to work closely with the other public art galleries in the North Burnett, as a scheme to develop joint exhibitions of our region’s Nationally significant artists.   This Arts & Cultural Tourism offering can promote the North Burnett as part of the tourism corridor, the Australian Country Way, which stretches from Melbourne to Rockhampton.

Matthew Jamieson

Monto Museum of Art

Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Exhibitions


2024 Exhibition Dates

12 March to 4th May - Tessa Carty, Hannah Depper and Bronwyn Langford Martoo - 'Tempus Locus'

Opening Event - Saturday 16th March

7 May to 29 June - Trish Sheppard - Outback Tracks

2 July to 24 August - Carmel Birchley, Maggie Spencely & Colleen Helmore - 'Natures Therapy'

27 August to 19 October - George Kirk Art including previously unseen works

22 October to 14 December - Isabella Hafner

2025 Exhibition Dates


21 January to 15 March - Coalstoun Lakes Cropping

18 March to 10 May - Orange Festival Exhibition & Competition

13 May to 5 July - Cynthia Mahomet

8 July to 30 August - Dr Kaya Barry

2 September to 25 October - Kevin Rogers - Master Pencil Artist

28 October to 20 December - Zarabella Bambling


Due to the logistics of moving some of these large paintings (one measures 10 feet by 6 feet) we will be taking down the exhibition a day early, on the morning of Saturday, 9 March which means the last day for viewing is now Friday, 8th March. Gil Jamieson Exhibition is running until 8th March 2024.

Entry is free to The Gallery (however donations are appreciated), and opening times are:

Tues-Sun 10am - 2pm

For Exhibitors

For Exhibitors

The Gallery provides opportunities for artists working in all genres, to display their artistic skills as well as showcasing the region’s art and culture to visiting public. Bringing long term benefits to individuals and the community at large.

2024 is currently fully booked and only 1 possible unconfirmed exhibition in 2025. 2026 is currently open for bookings. If you are interested in exhibiting at Gayndah Art Gallery, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact the Gallery to discuss your requirements and available dates.

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